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2019 Teachers' Day -- Thanksgiving heart

Today is Teacher's Day, September 10th, 2019. Happy Teacher's Day to all the internal lecturers in the company. Thank you for your selfless dedication to pass on knowledge to the employees. Today, please say "Happy Teacher's Day" to them around you. You have worked hard

2019 Corporate Internal Lecturer Assessment

In 2019, the internal lecturer evaluation of Xi 'an Huatian Huichuang Technology Co., Ltd., all departments shall sign up for the registration, and the excellent lecturer shall be selected by everyone to lay the foundation for the future enterprise training!

Basketball -- Basketball is played in the hand, friendship is passed on in the heart

For the staff of rich entertainment life, give full play to the staff team cooperation spirit, enhance the enterprise cohesion between the employees and a sense of pride, we use time from work, held a basketball friendly departments positive response, otc cheerleading cheers, chants, rising to the occasion of after four days of intense competition, the final manufacturing to win the championship. At the same time, the charm of basketball has shown us the vigor and vitality of the employees. In the future, we will better hold recreational and sports activities for employees to fill the construction of corporate culture.

Tug of war

Exercise in order to promoting spiritual civilization,healthy body,internal unity strength,strengthen the team cooperation,the company organization to meet the New Year in March 2019,tug of war,the participating team a total of 8 teams,in the process of the game,each department team member hard work and off the court and cries over with,difficult points won and lost in time,everyone is no retreat,Bite your teeth and stick to it.
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