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Manpower strategy

Manpower strategy


Concept of choose and employ persons


Selecting seedlings, bearing; The use of personnel strengths, to avoid the short, not perfect.


Team concept


Always think about what you can do for your team first,instead of asking what the team can do for you first.
The company believes that the team is a spiritual aggregation with common values and moral concepts,and is an enterprise group with distinctive personality characteristics.
The company's team is a clear goal,mutual motivation,mutual communication,coordination,highly cohesive team.Everyone in this group is always thinking about what they can do for the team first,not asking what the team can do for them first,thinking about giving first,not taking.
In this team,there is a good organizational atmosphere,and in the creation and improvement of the operation mechanism,so that team members to maximize their potential,produce the power of one against ten.As Chairman Xiao Shengli said:"The company has two of the most valuable assets:one is a understanding,unity,take the overall situation into consideration,work seriously,care for the employees,the management team;Second,we have a team of employees who love their jobs,work hard and treat the factory like home.


Serve the society by putting people first


The company believes that everything of the enterprise depends on people to complete, people are the foundation and fundamental of the development of the company. Only by relying on people and training people, actively advocating environmental protection, paying attention to the safety and health of employees, and improving the production and living conditions of employees, can the company realize its purpose of serving the society and make greater contributions to the creation of a harmonious society.


Belief of the enterprise


Talent and technology are the core assets of an enterprise
Talent and technology are rare resources for society and enterprises.The development and progress of enterprises need a large number of various talents and a large number of technologies to keep up with the world's leading edge.The company regards talent and technology as the most urgently needed and important assets of the enterprise.


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