Microlens array

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Huichuang designs and produces high-quality customized microlenses and microlens arrays to meet the specific needs of different industries. We manufacture a range of microlens arrays, from basic spherical to complex diffractive and aspherical, with surface accuracy up to sub-micron tolerances. Microlens array is widely used, and it is an important core component in the imaging system of ultra micro projector and optical field camera. It can generate clear images with high sensitivity, high sharpness, gorgeous color and dynamic sense. It is widely used in laser homogenization, beam splitting, wave front sensing, beam focusing and collimation.


                                     BASIC PARAMETER:

                                     Max. array size:25mm Square  
                                     Lens aperture:round,rectangular 
                                     Arrangement:linear ,hexagonal 
                                     QTY of lenset per array:5……25000  
                                     Pitch >0.03mm  
                                     Pitch accuracy  <1um across 50mm 
                                     Form accuracy  <800nm  










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