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Enterprise mission

Promoting the Development of China's Microelectronics Industry with Excellent Products and Services

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People-oriented service to society

High-tech enterprises specializing in fingerprint identification, camera module development and production


Manpower strategy

Manpower strategy

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  Employment philosophy

  Choose seedlings, overwhelm the burden; use the strengths of the people, avoid the shortcomings of people, do not seek perfection.

  Team idea

  Always think about what you can do for the team first, instead of asking the team what you can do for yourself first.

  The company believes that the team is a group of spirits with common values ​​and ethics, and is a group of enterprises with distinctive personality characteristics.

  The company's team is a team with clear goals, mutual motivation, mutual communication, coordination and cohesion. Everyone in this group always thinks about what they can do for the team first, instead of asking the team what they can do for themselves, thinking about dedication first, and not thinking about asking for it.

  In this team, there is a good organizational atmosphere, and in the creation and improvement of the operating mechanism, so that the team members can maximize their potential and generate the strength of one. As Comrade Xiao Shengli, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said: "The company has two most valuable assets: First, it has a management team that understands, unites, takes care of the overall situation, works seriously, cares for employees, and works together; Second, it has a dedicated and dedicated team. Work hard, treat the factory as a team of employees."

  People-oriented and serve the society

  The company believes that everything in an enterprise must be done by people, and people are the foundation and foundation of the company's development. Only by relying on people, cultivating people, actively advocating environmental protection, paying attention to the safety and health of employees, and improving the production and living conditions of employees, can the company serve the purpose of serving the society and make greater contributions to creating a harmonious society.

  Business belief

  Talent and technology are the core wealth of the company

  Talent and technology are rare resources for society and enterprises. The development and progress of an enterprise requires a large number of various talents and a large number of technologies that keep up with the world's leading edge. The company regards talent and technology as the most important and most important asset for enterprises.

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