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Moore 650 Processing capability introduction:


1. Main processing types of molds: aspherical lens and mold, mobile phone lens and mold, Fresnel lens, microlens array mold, LED secondary optical mold, etc.;
2. Machining spindle with 10000rpm. Besides XYZC axis, the machine tool is equipped with B axis, which can be processed in the processing direction and has 60000rpm milling spindle;
3. The equipment has independent temperature control up to ±0.05 degrees, equipped with automatic leveling blocking isolation system;
4. Adopt fully constrained hydrostatic guide with the maximum resolution of 0.008nm.
5. According to the processing material, the machining shape accuracy can reach sub-micron, and nano-level surface roughness;
6. The maximum processing range is 650mm X 300mm;
7. Processing materials are non-ferrous metals, chemical nickel, coaxial aspherical surface, slow tool servo processing (rotary) free surface processing;

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