Automotive lighting and display


Automotive lighting and display




Automotive applications:

Microlens Array - Car welcome blanket
Microlens array - projection lamp illuminatio
Microlens Array - autopilot radar
Stacked lens - Driver surveillance lens module
Stacked lens - car gauge level smart screen down camera
Animation lighting
Welcome mat






Product application and technical advantages:

External lighting and indication

Ultra-thin headlight
Grid lighting (front and rear)
Brake warning light
Warning lighting around automatic parking
Lighting around self-driving vehicles
Interior lighting
Animation lighting
Welcome mat



A tightly packed array of microlenses that receive a larger area of light
It can project unique light patterns
Custom pattern
Company logo
A sophisticated image or image
Color image
Miniaturized projection technolog
A sharper image
A brighter image
Excellent uniformity
Mature mass production technology


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