Miniature stacked lens

Customizable, cost-effective, excellent quality
Hui Chuang offers integrated image sensors and lenses in wafer - and chip-level packages to minimize camera module solutions.
Huichuang adopts unique WLO technology to ensure high quality and realize highly integrated imaging devices. Wafer level optics are manufactured using a semiconductor stacking method as layers of wafer structure, allowing multiple cameras to be accommodated in a single imaging device. For wafer level camera modules, Huichuang has created a minimalist production process that reduces redundant assembly and processing steps. Reflow reflow lens modules can be soldered directly onto the circuit board with no socket or insertion requirements, making integration simpler. In addition, Huichuang can provide modular packaging, focusing, testing and other integrated services for micro lenses and chip level image sensors.
Structure reference design drawing:




Schematic diagram of finished product:




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