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High-tech enterprises specializing in fingerprint identification, camera module development and production

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Company staff Shangwangcun "5S" learning line

Company staff Shangwangcun "5S" learning line

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This"5S management"study mainly aims at strengthening the team consciousness of employees,enhancing cohesion and centripetal force,standardizing employees'behavior,improving employees'quality,building mutual trust and daring to self-reflection.It embodies the company's humanized management,puts the staff's care into practice,lets the staff relax after their busy work
  From May 25 to 26,the company organized a one-day study tour of Shangwangcun with the theme of"5S management".
  This"5S management"study mainly aims at strengthening the team consciousness of employees,enhancing cohesion and centripetal force,standardizing employees'behavior,improving employees'quality,building mutual trust and daring to self-reflection.It embodies the company's humanized management,puts the staff's care into practice,lets the staff relax after their busy work,and enjoys the pleasant scenery of nature.Strive to create a good environment for the development of the company.