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How Semiconductor Device Supports the Realization of Automobile Intelligence

How Semiconductor Device Supports the Realization of Automobile Intelligence

Special report
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More and more automobile companies,suppliers and technology companies are turning their attention to the realization of auto-driving,V2V/V2I and other vehicle networking functions.At the same time,automobile manufacturers in various countries are gradually increasing the investment in research and development of electric vehicle technology,which promotes the increasing demand for the number of internal electronic systems of automobiles
  More and more automobile companies,suppliers and technology companies are turning their attention to the realization of auto-driving,V2V/V2I and other vehicle networking functions.At the same time,automobile manufacturers in various countries are gradually increasing the investment in research and development of electric vehicle technology,which promotes the increasing demand for the number of internal electronic systems of automobiles.Semiconductor is the key component to promote the realization of automotive innovation technology.With the increase of automotive complexity,the demand for automotive semiconductor components will increase steadily.Automotive plate is becoming a new engine for the long-term development of the semiconductor industry.
  The Intelligent Vehicle Forum held on March 22 provides future trends and valuable new ideas for mobile service providers,automobile manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive electronic supply chain.
  Mentor,Asia Pacific Technology Director of A Siemens Business,Li Liji,with"Automotive Electronics:A Competition for Running Win to Achieve Reliability"as the theme,said that semiconductor companies are now striving to make automotive electronics the next growth market.For many advanced auxiliary driving systems(ADAS)and autopilot cars,the challenge has shifted from functional to safety,and it is necessary to meet the ISO-21445 specification and ISO-26262 international standard.However,the difficulty is still greater.Li Liji analyzed the speed of accelerating the delivery of safe and reliable products on the premise of not postpone the listing situation,and put forward corresponding solutions.
  Zhang Xi,Director of Automotive Controller and Processor Market of Enzhipu Semiconductor,said that with the development of automotive intelligence,networking and electrification,automotive electronic systems are becoming more and more complex,and engineers are facing more and more challenges,especially more and more complex software development.Zhang Xi explored effective ways to help engineers cope with the challenges easily.
  Berthold Hellenthal of Audi Auto Competence Center Electronics and Semiconductors,Semiconductor Strategy-PSCP shared the keynote speech 2030 Electronics of Automotive Mobility Devices.He elaborated on the electronic architecture,electronic components and sensors,connection performance and the great role of automatic travel equipment in the future.Looking forward to 2030,mobile travel will bring about.The experience of electrification requires semiconductor technology innovation to drive the performance improvement of mobile digital space.Berthold Hellentha also shared Audi's business and supply chain cases on the spot.
  Sun Moonlight Group Engineering Integration and Customer Engineering Agency's Senior Director Lin Shaoyu gave a keynote speech on"Packaging Solutions for Driving Intelligent Vehicles".He said that automotive applications are regarded as the golden country of the electronic industry.Electricization,unmanned,networking and comfort are all the driving forces for the development of automotive applications.In addition to consumer demand,the Chinese government is accelerating the pace of electrification and unmanned,in order to reduce and reduce man-made pollution and traffic accidents.However,power programs need more power in the same package,so developing high energy density and thermal management is essential.In order to meet the increasing reliability and innovative packaging solutions in the automotive market,Lin Shaoyu shared his views on packaging trends and automotive solutions at the forum site.
  Georges Andary,general manager of Bosch Automotive Components(Suzhou)Co.,Ltd.and President of Bosch Automotive Electronics China,takes Semiconductors at Bosch under the aspect of future mobility and IoT as the theme.He says that the micro-electro-mechanical sensors have become an indispensable part of our daily life.More and more applications are conducive to the highly integrated development of micro-electro-mechanical sensors.The trend of further improvement of performance and function continues,such as powerful sensors with minimal and minimum power consumption.In addition,the Internet of Things is also creating new growth potential,with the unlimited use of embedded and connected smart sensors and hubs.
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