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Huatian Huichuang Key Business Personnel Review Conference was held successfully

Huatian Huichuang Key Business Personnel Review Conference was held successfully

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On August 15,at 9:00 a.m.,Huatian Huichuang Key Operating Personnel Review Conference was held in Conference Room 1 on the fourth floor.General Manager Yuan Wanli and Assistant General Manager Jianshiguang attended the conference.More than 30 key employees of the company,including ministers,deputy ministers and engineers,participated in the conference
  On August 15,at 9:00 a.m.,Huatian Huichuang Key Operating Personnel Review Conference was held in Conference Room 1 on the fourth floor.General Manager Yuan Wanli and Assistant General Manager Jianshiguang attended the conference.More than 30 key employees of the company,including ministers,deputy ministers and engineers,participated in the conference.
  The meeting was held in a warm atmosphere.The key business personnel from various departments reported to the General Assembly on the recent work.The business elites from Kunshan and Xi'an,adhering to the realistic attitude,objectively evaluated the business"difficulties"and"pain points"encountered since the establishment of the company in March.At the same time,they actively shared successful experiences and lessons and learned from each other.Learn from each other,improve each other and make progress together.In order to effectively and smoothly carry out the work in the second half of the year,business elites have to analyze and criticize the"difficulties"and"pain points"they encounter,analyze the possible problems,formulate practical plans for improvement,take this opportunity to learn from other departments,colleagues and superior leaders,and show that Huatian people pursue perfection,do nothing or do nothing.Do it well.For the problems and solutions,the company leaders attach great importance to the immediate and feasible deployment of the conference site;for those who need to explore,the responsibility of the people,after the meeting,set up a special group to study the feasibility plan.The people present at the scene listen to the report carefully and cherish the opportunity to learn from their colleagues.
  At the end of the conference,Mr.Yuan delivered an important speech.Mr.Yuan thanked the Group,Kunshan and Xi'an Brothers for their strong support and assistance to Huichuang.Thanks to all the staff present,Huichuang has a small scale from its inception to today.He is confident and determined to lead you to make a good job of Huichuang and develop Huichuang.At the same time,he sincerely welcomes you to join Huichuang.Create a small family,and promise you that no matter in work or life,the company will try its best to solve any difficulties;you can get together,can come to a company,we are predestined,a family,as long as you twist a rope,we will be able to do something.With the growth of the company,it is also a long-term exhibition of employees'own value.
  Up to now,the transfer of Kunshan production line is still in progress.For the members of today's conference,they are all backbone personnel from various businesses and the executors of the company's policies.We believe that under the leadership of General Yuan,the company will develop better and better.Huichuang can realize its commitment to shareholders in the near future and realize its commitment to the broad range of enterprises.Commitments of key employees.
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