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High-tech enterprises specializing in fingerprint identification, camera module development and production



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  In March 2018, Huatian Huichuang Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd. was established as a subsidiary of Huatian Group. Since its establishment, it has formulated its own R & D strategy and established WLO R & D center.

  Moved to the 4th floor, block a, Hengshi international in June 2018, and began mass production in August. The main products are camera module and fingerprint module.

  In May 2018, it obtained foreign trade qualification and began to enter the overseas market; in November 2018, it obtained technology trade qualification certificate; in December 2018, it obtained iso9001:2015 system certification; in December 2019, it obtained high-tech enterprise certification; in January 2020, it obtained iso14001:2015 system certification; it has 18 patent technologies.

  2019 is a year of rapid development for Huatian Huichuang. The scale is expanding day by day. We have invited Dr. of electronic engineering from Louisiana State University in the United States, and the leading entrepreneur of the "thousand talents plan" as the deputy general manager. We have conducted in-depth cooperation with a number of well-known companies through fingerprint under the research and development screen. In January of the same year, it purchased 70000 square meters of industrial land on the south side of Fengcheng Sixth Road and the west side of Minjing first road; in May, it obtained the investment from Shaanxi integrated circuit industry investment fund and Xi'an high tech Industry Venture Capital Co., Ltd.; in November 2019, it started to build the advanced biometric module industrialization project,with a total construction area of 190000 square meters, and a workshop was designed and researched by modern architecture of Shaanxi Province It is designed by the Institute and constructed by Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. with 6 floors in total; 2 × power house, 6 × complex building and podium are designed by Shaanxi modern architectural design and Research Institute and constructed by Xi'an Construction Engineering First Construction Group Co., Ltd.; 2 × power house has 3 floors in total, 6 × complex building and podium are composed of two dormitory buildings and one restaurant with 15 floors of dormitory building and 4 floors of restaurant; it is expected to be put into use in October 2020 and reach mass production Conditions of use.