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People-oriented service to society

High-tech enterprises specializing in fingerprint identification, camera module development and production


Application notes

Application notes

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Application conditions:
1. Candidates should be at least 18 years old, healthy and have independent civil capacity;
2. Have the necessary conditions for the position, such as: business ability, skills, professional quality, cultural knowledge and other conditions;
3. The candidate must accept the examination and resume investigation of the employer, and perform the post responsibilities;
4. Good conduct, no bad habits, no criminal record;
Interview selection procedure:
1. Primary selection: screening, evaluation and analysis of resumes and materials provided by candidates, and inviting interviewees through screening;
2. Interview and retest: the first screening personnel shall organize interview arrangement, which shall be interviewed and retested by the employing department and human resources department;
Employment process:
1. Employment approval: the interviewee shall submit true and accurate personal data, such as identity certificate, qualification certificate, graduation certificate, etc. for approval;
2. Issuance of employment letter: after the completion of interview and employment, issue formal employment confirmation letter;

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